American Airlines Phone Number

How to Call an American Airlines Phone Number

If you are trying to contact American Airlines, here are a few tips to help you. Read on to learn how to call American Airlines customer service, including hold times, Languages, and Resolving problems. Before you call, gather up any necessary documents to help you with your query. These documents could include your AAdvantage number, ticket confirmation, and correspondence. You should also keep a pen and paper handy for taking notes.

Calling American Airlines customer service

If you’re having trouble booking your next flight, calling American Airlines customer service is probably the best option. Calling customer service representatives is convenient, but callback times can vary from airline to airline. Many airlines have a 24-hour callback period, but American Airlines has a policy that does not. Generally speaking, callbacks are not always possible, and may be delayed as a result of weather or flight delays.

However, recent data show that American’s call center is improving. On average, call center staffers report hold times ranging from 50 seconds to 8 minutes for American Executive Platinum members and five minutes for non-elites. While these wait times are still unacceptable, they have improved considerably. Last week, a TPG staffer had to wait three hours and three minutes on the Platinum elite line. While the airline blames weather delays on air-traffic control issues, it’s a start.

Hold times

A recent customer service story revealed an incredibly frustrating experience: she waited nearly four hours on hold for an American Airlines flight, then had to drive 45 minutes to the counter to buy her ticket. While that may not seem like a large amount, it’s a microcosm of travel frustration. To subscribe to Insider, enter your email address and click the opt-in box to receive our newsletter and partner offers. Before you can subscribe, however, you must agree to receive marketing emails from us, as well as our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Hold times for American Airlines phone number may be higher than you think. The airline is currently undergoing significant scheduling changes. For example, it added thousands of new flights to its schedules over the summer, forcing the company to adjust schedules to accommodate pilot and crew availability. This massive uptick in demand has prompted a corresponding increase in hold times. In addition to these scheduling changes, American Airlines is also experiencing an increase in calls from leisure and vacation travelers, who tend to talk to a customer service representative more frequently than business travelers.


Customers in different languages can contact American Airlines via phone. The company offers phone support for customers in more than one language, and their numbers are arranged by concern, such as reservation, schedule, and itinerary. If a person cannot speak the language they need to understand, they can use the National Relay Service. American Airlines is a major airline, and their phone lines are available round the clock. Listed below are the phone numbers for the different concerns.

Resolving issues

Having trouble resolving issues with American Airlines phone number? If so, you are not alone. The company is hiring hundreds of reservation agents. You can call the phone number to ask a question and be connected with a representative in under seven days. If you cannot reach the representative on the phone, you can send an online message or use the mobile app to resolve the issue. Alternatively, you can call the American Airlines head office to report your problem.

The American Airlines phone number is helpful in resolving a number of issues, including flight cancellations, lost or stolen luggage, or lost luggage. However, remember that booking tickets over the phone will cost you money. To avoid this, purchase tickets online. Make sure you have all the proper documents, including a valid passport and appropriate visa. American Airlines does not allow you to travel to certain countries without a valid passport or visa.

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