Ely Cathedral Animal Service Returns After Three Years

Ely Cathedral’s Animal Service Returns After Three Years

Ely Cathedral’s animal service has been taking place for more than three decades. It has even featured on BBC Songs of Praise. The service is an annual event that brings local residents together to celebrate animals and the human-animal bond. Guests can enjoy the uplifting music and the presence of animal charity workers.

Ely Cathedral’s monuments

The Ely Cathedral Animal Service returned on Sunday after a three-year hiatus. It was led by Right Reverend Dr Dagmar Winter and her dog Tilda, and featured a variety of animals. The service also included the appearance of a rescue donkey, Marley, as well as representatives from the Donkey Sanctuary, the Dogs as Therapy charity, and the Hearing Dogs charity.

The Ely Cathedral has an extensive animal sanctuary. The animals are well looked after and are a great source of entertainment. The church’s catholic priests also make a special effort to ensure the safety of all the animals. In addition to the animal sanctuary, the cathedral’s churchyard and grounds are also a great place to see wildlife.

Its architecture

After a three-year hiatus, Ely Cathedral has reintroduced its Animal Service. Led by the Right Reverend Dr Dagmar Winter, the service features the animals in the congregation. These include the Donkey Sanctuary’s Marley and the Hearing Dogs.

The cathedral was originally founded in 1083 and became a cathedral in 1109. William I appointed Hervey le Breton, a man who had served as Bishop of Lincoln for the previous three years. His new diocese included the monastic establishment of Ely, which was reduced from 70 to 40 monks. In this period, the bishop was appointed as titular abbot.

Its use in novels and TV series

Ely Cathedral has been the setting for many TV shows and novels. For example, the cathedral is used to represent Westminster Abbey in the Netflix series The Crown. It also serves as the mother church of the diocese, ministering to a large local congregation. Ely Cathedral is dedicated to the Holy and Undivided Trinity. Since the Dissolution, the cathedral has held annual festivals to commemorate St Etheldreda. These commemorate her life and the successive “translations” of her body to new shrines.

The cathedral has hosted animal services for 30 years and has raised money for both national and local animal charities. The service is family-friendly and celebrates the lives of all creatures. This year, the service will be led by the Right Revd Dagmar Winter and her dog, Tilda. Charlie, the cathedral’s mascot, will also take part.


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