Hollywood Zip Code

Hollywood Zip Code 90048 Offers a Variety of Attractions

Hollywood is on Florida’s east coast and has a variety of attractions to offer. The city’s beach is backed by the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, and the ArtsPark at Young Circle features an outdoor amphitheater. The Arts and Culture Center of Hollywood features contemporary art exhibitions, and the Anne Kolb Nature Center is home to a mangrove trail and aquarium.


Hollywood, Florida, is a city that offers a diverse range of attractions for its residents. The city is situated on Florida’s eastern coast. Residents can enjoy the beach backed by the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, ArtsPark at Young Circle, an outdoor amphitheater, and the Arts and Culture Center of Hollywood, which offers contemporary exhibitions. They can also visit the Anne Kolb Nature Center, where they can hike along mangrove trails and enjoy an aquarium.


Hollywood is a place where people live. It is a relatively affordable area to live. It is home to 18,498 people who are either employed or looking for a job. Compared to other ZIP codes, the median household income is $34,473. Residents usually commute by car, but there are public transportation options as well. The average commute time is less than half an hour.


Hollywood is one of the largest cities in Florida, and this city is home to a number of different types of housing. The median home value is $197,700, which is slightly higher than the rest of the country. It is also higher than the average of nearby zip codes. Rent prices are also higher than average in this city, with rents for a two-bedroom apartment usually costing more than $1,000 a month, including utilities.


If you are looking for a place to live in Los Angeles, consider zip code 90028. The median household income is $21,893, which is below the national average of $56,604 per capita. The majority of people live alone and are racially diverse. The average home value is $645,500, which is higher than the Los Angeles metro average.


Hollywood zip code 90048 is a highly desirable area for a variety of reasons. It’s a densely populated area with a primarily white population. The median home value is $945,200, higher than the rest of the metro area’s average. Residents make an average yearly income of $87,286 – more than the median household income of $72,021 in the metro area. Men earn $63,211 while women make $48,312 – all above average. There are 11,921 people who are employed in the zip code.


If you’re looking for a new home in the Hollywood area, you’ll want to look at homes in the 90069 ZIP code. This ZIP code is in Los Angeles County. The first digit is the region, while the rest represent the city, state, and county. The second and third digits represent the district and the fourth and fifth are the delivery areas. The 90069 ZIP code is located in West Hollywood, California.


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