Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

For some Minecraft players, you can never quite have enough cats.
They keep close to the player, they keep them company on their adventures, and they even bring gifts from time to time. Even if a player isn’t a fan of cats, it might be worth having one or two in their Minecraft escapades just to enjoy some of the gifts that they bring.
However, for players who want as many cats as possible, there’s a way to breed them and doing so quickly just takes a large enough body of water.
When it comes to breeding cats in Minecraft, players will need plenty of raw Cod and Salmon to feed them. Doing so places them in breeding mode, and the rest takes care of itself. To find Cod and Salmon, players will need to search for different bodies of water.
Cod can be found in ocean biomes, while Salmon can be spotted in freshwater biomes such as rivers but also cold or frozen oceans. This gives players some variety in where they want to find their particular raw fish.
There are a few ways to rack up the necessary fish to feed cats, either by killing the fish mobs themselves inside the water or by using a fishing rod. Individually taking out the fish mobs underwater can be tricky and time consuming, as players move significantly slower through the water.
Using a fishing rod can often bring fish at a somewhat faster clip but also runs the risk of catching trash from the bodies of water. To improve on the ability to catch a mass number of fish, Minecraft players should try enchanting their fishing rod with the Lure enchantment.
This enchantment reduces the time to get a bite on one’s fishing lure, improving the amount of fish one can catch within a short amount of time.
Keeping one of the previously mentioned bodies of water close to where a player is breeding their cats is important as well, as it cuts down transit time. Few things will string out the process of breeding more than a large transit time between catching fish and letting your loyal cats have their tasty snack.
For even better results, some Minecraft players may want to consider creating a man-made fishery in order to harvest the fish they need at will.
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