Rescued Aberdeen marmosets start new life in Fife Zoo

Three marmosets found in a small cage in Aberdeen have started a new life in Fife Zoo.

Rescued Aberdeen start new life in Fife Zoo,The monkeys were found in poor condition in the indoor cage and were taken into the care of the Aberdeenshire-based New Arc animal rescue charity.

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Fife Zoo in Ladybank then agreed to give them a new home.

Following a lengthy rehabilitation, the monkeys are now on display to the public.

Marmosets originate from Brazil and usually live in the upper canopy of trees in forests.

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Keith Marley from New Arc (North East Wildlife and Animal Rescue Centre) said the monkeys had been in a very poor condition in a “tiny” cage.

Fife Zoo director Mike Knight described the as having had a “terrible start to life”.

“Exotic animals such as marmosets do not make good pets and require specialist care to maintain their overall health and well-being,” he explained.

“When we received the call from New Arc, we were keen to offer our support and it was fortunate that we had the facilities available to provide a forever home.”


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