Summer Wells Update Today

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Gives an AMBER Alert for Missing Teenager Summer Wells

If you have been paying attention to news stories on the disappearance of Summer Wells, you are aware that her parents have a criminal record in other states. Although her father has addressed these rumors on social media, the news outlet has yet to receive a response from her parents. Summer Wells is a young woman with blonde hair, a height of three feet and weight of forty pounds. Last seen wearing gray pants and a pink shirt, she may have been barefoot. There are numerous rumors and speculations about the disappearance of this young girl. Nevertheless, her hair may be much shorter than the pictures of her.

Amber alert

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has issued an AMBER alert for missing teenager Summer Wells. The missing teen was last seen on June 15, walking alone near a gas station in a maroon or red Toyota Tacoma pickup truck with a ladder rack. The driver is not considered a suspect in Wells’ disappearance, and he could be a potential witness. The TBI says more than 1,000 tips have been submitted in the search for Summer.

The father of Summer Wells, Donald Wells, has released a handwritten letter to the public from prison. He says his daughter was planting flowers before she vanished. He says that YouTube can be a powerful tool for finding her, and the letter ends with The Lord’s Prayer. After releasing the letter, the TBI has renewed its search for her. This latest development has raised hopes among her family. But as of yet, they are still not certain who to believe.

An update on the disappearance of Summer Wells came on Tuesday, when her parents appeared in juvenile court. The mother, Candus Bly, told the court off-camera that her sons are currently in custody of the Department of Child Protective Services, and her father, Donald, said the same thing on a podcast over the weekend. But while the TBI is working to find the missing teenager, both parents have been doing their part in a legal battle.

The investigation into the disappearance of Summer Wells has taken months and a long time, but there is no concrete information about her whereabouts. The case is still very sensitive, but many people are concerned about her safety. A legal battle will likely follow before it’s finally solved. The parents have been facing legal battles for seven months now. Don Wells and Bly have filed a lawsuit against the other person accused of kidnapping their daughter.

Tip tally at over 2,000

More than two thousand people have called the tip hotline in the past year in the search for missing Summer Wells. She was last seen on Ben Hill Road about a year ago and has yet to be found. The reward fund was at $74,000 in February, but no one has come forward with any credible information. If she is found, the money would go to the Child Advocacy Center.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has given an update on the search for six-year-old Summer Wells. Deputies are now focused on areas of interest identified last autumn. Summer went missing on June 15 in Beech Creek and hasn’t been seen since. She has remained a mystery to her family and friends, despite the massive attention given to the case. Investigators are not considering the case cold and are continuing to explore all possible leads.

Authorities are now considering everyone who has contact with Summer Wells a person of interest. The FBI has called in a Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team that includes experts in intelligence analysis and profiling. If you have any information about the disappearance of Summer Wells, call 911 immediately. You can also call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND. The information provided could make all the difference in the search for Summer Wells.


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