Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

The pets of dozens of PEOPLE staffers tried out blankets, bags, toys, treats and so much more to find the best for your furry friends. 
The cats and dogs of PEOPLE staffers got together and tested hundreds of products to find the best for your pet. Read on to see what these furry testers (and their owners) chose.
This “high-quality” collar was easy for testers to adjust (“it works like a regular breakaway collar,” said one) and brought “a touch of elegance” to any house cat.
Buy it! Vegan Leather Cat Collar, $39.95;
Our testers were “obsessed” with how easy it was to use the tracker to locate their dog when the pet was off-leash — and as a tool to increase their pet’s activity level.
Buy it! Whistle GO Explore GPS Tracker, $129.95;
This “sturdy” dispenser won our testers over because it easily fastens to leashes without falling off and handily dispenses poop bags one at a time with no ripping. “Definitely one of the better bag holders,” raved one.
Buy it! TuffMutt Poop Bag Holder, $12.99;
Cats were “jumping and begging” for these soft treats, with one feline even dragging the treat bag into bed in the middle of the night.
Buy it! Temptations Meaty Bites, $3.28;
Our testers loved this “adorable collar” made of natural fabrics; it was even a hit with dogs who don’t usually enjoy neckwear.
Buy it! Foggy Dog Collar, $32.00;
Testers called these all-natural treats “catnip for dogs” and said their pups got excited whenever they saw the package.
Buy it! Salmon Skin Dog Treats, $16.99;
Testers called this carrier “roomy and durable,” making it ideal for both car and plane trips.
Buy it! Out-of-Office Pet Carrier, Starts at $149.00;
Testers had fun watching their felines figure out how to retrieve their treats from this sliding toy, designed to make snack time more exciting.
Buy it! OurPets Sushi Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy, $14.95;
Our testers felt these low-calorie, breath-freshening treats left some felines’ teeth “looking whiter.”
Buy it! Greenies Feline Dental Treat, Starts at $2.34;
These unscented wipes took care of most messes “without the hassle of a full bath.” And testers liked that they
are gentle enough to clean pets’ eyes and ears.
Buy it! MultiPet Groom Genie Eye, Ear & Tush Wipes, $5.59;
Testers loved the mental stimulation this toy gave their dogs— and that it left their pups with a post-playtime “sense of accomplishment.”
Buy it! Leaps & Bounds Ponder & Puzzle Dog Toy, $22.99;
Pooches looked like “talented show dogs” leaping after this easy-to-throw Frisbee — which also holds up under “tough play sessions.”
Buy it! Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee, $8.85;
Cats became “kitten-like” and “lost all composure” when it came time to play with this catnip-packed wand toy. Testers loved the toy’s cute look and durability.
Buy it! Cat Person Catnip Toy, $7.00;
This heavy-duty metal scoop proved great for thorough litter-box cleanings, especially for the “heavily used corners of the box.”
Buy it! DurAnimals DuraScoop Cat-Litter Scoop, $14.99;
Picky pooches “devoured” these bone-shaped treats, which our testers said also noticeably improved stinky dog breath.
Buy it! Dentalicious Dog Bones, $34.99;
Testers said these organic CBD treats gave their “overly excited” pets relief from anxiety, even during thunderstorms.
Buy it! Honest Paws Calm Bites, $29.99;
Cats and dogs alike “loved this blanket instantly.” Testers especially liked that the product is waterproof and easy to wash.
Buy it! Sherpa Fleece Waterproof Blanket, $38.00;
Cats quickly became attached to this “super cute” toy, which
they loved “guarding” and carrying with them from place to place.
Buy it! Platypus Cat Toy, $2.99;
Even dogs known for being “destroyers of stuffed toys” couldn’t dislodge the squeaker from this toy, made of puncture-resistant fabric.
Buy it! Top Paw Rip Roarin’ Tough Pizza Dog Toy, $12.99;


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