Today’s Jeopardy Final Answer

Jeopardy! Final Answers

“Stonewall Inn” – A gay bar in New York City, and National Historic Landmark, where the riots that launched the gay rights movement in 1969 were held. It remains open today. “Amy Schneider” – A Kentucky chemistry teacher who visited the White House and met with Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff – touched on trans awareness. Evan (who won the final answer): “I’m a gay man, a chemistry teacher, and I love to learn!”

Mattea Roach

Jeopardy! final answer: “What is Hamlet?” was Mattea Roach’s winning Jeopardy final answer today. She bet $601 on the answer and wrote a note to thank the show for the fun. Roach’s answer was correct but not her first guess – she didn’t know the answer. Roach is grateful for the fans’ support.

Stonewall Inn

The Stonewall Inn, a noted gay bar in Greenwich Village, was the site of the riots of 1969 that launched the gay rights movement. Today, it’s a National Historic Landmark. The riots erupted into a violent protest and led to the first Gay Pride Parade one year later. While the raid was controversial, it helped spark the LGBT movement.

Science and the Bible

Jeopardy! fans have been clamoring for an answer involving the Bible and science. Today’s final Jeopardy answer comes from a Washington DC math professor named Robert Won. His answer is based on a new study that suggests that a meteor struck the Jordan Valley in 1650 B.C., and he beat out Chicago attorney Leigh Jahnig.


Today’s final answer on Jeopardy is a misnomer. While Patton won Best Picture at the 70s Academy Awards, the movie wasn’t nominated for the award until 1971. Midnight Cowboy, which won the award in 1969, won in the same year. Jeopardy fans were quick to point out the error. In addition to pointing out the misnomer, fans also called out the mistake.

Midnight Cowboy

Fans of the television show and the movie Patton have a lot to say about today’s final answer. While the movie won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1970, the 1970 premiere didn’t lead many to believe the title was appropriate. While the film isn’t exactly a masterpiece, fans of both Patton and Midnight Cowboy were quick to voice their displeasure over the answer.


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