Top Pet Food Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

In order to find the best pet foods for your beloved furry friend, it’s important to consider which companies make the best quality pet foods and are among the top pet food manufacturers and suppliers in the United States. While you might be tempted to think that there are only a few big companies in the United States that produce high quality dog and cat food, there are actually dozens of manufacturers and suppliers that are able to supply you with top-of-the-line pet food.

Mars Petcare Inc.

Mars Petcare Inc. is a global leader in pet health and nutrition. It’s the parent company of the iconic Mars brand and has an extensive network of pet hospitals and other animal services.

The company has an impressive list of brands, including CESAR, NUTRO, SHEBA, GREENIES, TEMPTATIONS and many more. Moreover, it has more than 2,500 veterinary clinics worldwide. In addition, the company has several initiatives for promoting “pet friendly” cities and helping homeless pets in animal shelters.

The company’s mission is to help make the world a better place for animals and people. Among its recent initiatives is a $10,000 annual scholarship for five Black/African American students. This is the company’s contribution to “PAWS,” a scholarship program to support minority American students in STEM fields.

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, LLC is a leading producer of premium pet food products. It is a privately-owned family business, headquartered in Meadville, Pennsylvania, that was founded in 1933. The company’s portfolio includes more than 100 products.

It produces a range of dog and cat food and other pet snacks. The company’s flagship brand, Rachael Ray Nutrish, is one of the fastest-growing pet food brands in the US.

Ainsworth is a pet food company dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality. Its slogan is “Pet Store Quality.” In addition to making a variety of dry and canned pet foods, it also produces retailer-specific brands.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is one of the most popular pet food brands on the market. The company was founded by the Bishop family after their dog, Blue, got sick. They wanted to provide their dog with a natural food that would be suitable for his condition.

Blue Buffalo offers a variety of products for dogs and cats. Its offerings include dry kibble, wet foods, treats and supplements. These are all made with natural ingredients. BLUE does not use corn, soy or wheat, as well as by-products from chicken meals.

During the last 12 months, Blue Buffalo has generated over $1 billion in sales. This includes an estimated $8.8 billion deal with General Mills.

Colgate Palmolive

The Colgate Palmolive Company is one of the leading producers of consumer products. They manufacture household and commercial cleaning products, personal care, and pet food. Their product lines include the Fab, Ultra Brite, Irish Spring, and Colgate toothpastes.

Colgate-Palmolive is a diversified company that generates around 70% of its revenues outside the United States. It operates 280 properties overseas. This includes a manufacturing plant in Burlington, New Jersey, which produces fragrance oils for the company’s facilities around the world.

The company’s Pet Nutrition business accounts for about 20% of its overall net sales. They produce a variety of functional and therapeutic pet foods, and are one of the largest premium brands in the pet food market.

Sunshine Mills

Sunshine Mills is a family owned and operated pet food manufacturer and supplier. With headquarters in Red Bay, Alabama and manufacturing plants in Elkhart, Indiana and Dublin, Georgia, the company serves pets and their owners in 30 different countries.

While the company produces a variety of products, it is known for its meaty treats for dogs. Sunshine Mills sells products under its own private labels, as well as other brands.

Sunshine Mills is also known for the SQF certification program, which is one of the world’s most widely recognized food safety programs. Products produced under the SQF Certification Program are manufactured in an FDA approved facility.

Simmons Pet Food

Simmons Pet Food manufacturers and supplies private label wet pet food and treats to a variety of retailers and manufacturers throughout the U.S. The company operates plants in Arkansas, Kansas, New Jersey and Ontario.

Simmons Pet Food has a strong reputation in the industry for creating quality, value-oriented products for cats and dogs. This includes private label pet foods, such as canned dog food and pouches, as well as its own national brand lines.

Currently, Simmons Pet Food has a total of six processing plants. Two are located in Northwest Arkansas and the rest are in Kansas, New Jersey and Ontario. In addition, the company has a production facility for ingredients in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.


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