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These Are 10 Giant Prehistoric Ancestors Of Today's Animals

Published on 08 Aug 2021 / In Pets & Animals

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It’s no question that there’s a huge range of diversity among the animals of the Earth.
In fact, no one really knows just how varied this diversity gets: around 10,000 new species are discovered every year,
and some estimates put the total number of animal species somewhere between 2 million and a whopping 50 million.
However, only around 1.9 million of those animals have been named and described.
All this diversity had to come from somewhere. For all the millions of species on our planet, there are millions more that have gone extinct.
Paleontologists study the fossil record and make connections between these extinct species and their modern day descendants.
Comparing today’s animals with their prehistoric relatives can lead to some interesting discoveries.
In This Video We Have Listed 10 giant prehistoric ancestors that would make their contemporary relatives look like dwarfs. We hope you enjoyed it 🙏

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