Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

This is something that is more frequent than we'd all like I think. Not so much from Wyomingites, but our tourists do love to come to our state and see how awesome our parks are. When they do that, they can't seem to help themselves when it comes to the wild animals that we share the state with. It's usually not Springtime until a tourist is gored by a bison.
This person on TikTok was standing on a deck, filming this elk that was creeping around a trailer. The antlers on this elk are the dream of any Wyoming elk hunter. They were wider than a semi. Ok, maybe not that wide, but they were huge and could do some damage.
The person taking the video probably also didn't know it was rut season, so the bull elks are a little easier to fly off the handle. And they're not afraid of us. So just check out what happens when the elk sees the person taking the video.
That was just a warning shot. Once he made that screeching howl, you knew what he was there for. Not to entertain yuppies standing on a deck. After he sends his warning, they pan over to several female elk. So it would be wise to let him follow them.
They were lucky, though, he wasn't that mad, he was just like, "hey back off, I'm following these ladies, I don't have time for you". It could be a lot worse. Especially when you look at that guy's rack!



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