Orange County Cities

Orange County Cities

You’ve probably heard of Anaheim and Disneyland, but have you considered the many other cities in Orange County? Disneyland Resort is an enormous complex of rides, shops, restaurants, and more, located near Buena Park. Other attractions include Knott’s Berry Farm, Laguna Beach, tide pools, and oceanfront Crystal Cove State Park. And the cities surrounding Disneyland are a great place to visit during your stay. Here are some of the best cities in Orange County for a fun-filled vacation!

The Orange County area is home to a thriving business community. In addition to a variety of industries, Orange County has many notable religious organizations. Christ Cathedral, the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, is located in Irvine. In Irvine, the University Synagogue is the world’s largest Reconstructionist synagogue, serving the large Jewish population surrounding the nearby University of California, Irvine. The Beth Jacob Congregation is the largest Orthodox Jewish congregation between Los Angeles and San Diego. The largest Reform synagogue is located in Newport Beach, while Temple Beth Emet serves Anaheim’s Jewish community.

The Orange County Division Board of Directors meets monthly to adopt a position on regional and statewide legislation. The division will send an Action Alert if there’s a high-priority bill that requires action from city officials. You can also get updates on local legislation by contacting Public Affairs Regional Manager Tony Cardenas. He’ll also give you legislative updates at city council meetings. So get involved! If you live in Orange County, you should check out your city’s website!

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